CF & PCMCIA Series
AsiaLink International Technology Corporation is an electrical connector manufacturer that designs and manufactures a wide variety of electrical connectors. These connectors include, but are not limited to, USB Connectors, IEEE1394 Connectors, DVI Connectors, ATA Connectors, Cat5E Connectors, RF connectors, Cell Phone connectors, PDA Cradle Connectors, High-Speed connectors, D-sub connectors, SCSI connectors, custom designed connectors and many others, both in board and cable mount versions. one of our key competitive advantages is our ability to quickly design and produce the molds required for our manufacturing operations. Due to these efficient processes, our lead times and costs associated with tooling are typically much lower than those of our competitors. All of our connectors are manufactured in DongGuan,China, at ISO9001 Certified facilities. This gives us the ability to supply a large variety of equivalent Asian electrical connectors, while maintaining quality, and keeping a lower cost structure.
50 PIN CF card Socket
SD to CF Adapter
50 PIN CF Card Kit
50 PIN CF Card Kit
50 PIN CF Card Kit
50 PIN CF Card Header
50 PIN CF Card Socket
68 PIN Card Kit
Express Card